Hi Roland900 🤗

It is so exciting that best printing machine Roland 900 in our factory now, and start to provide the best printing service!

ROLAND 900 HiPrint

New levels of efficiency and quality

This highly automated, high efficiency, large-format press produces appreciably more multiple-up images than smaller format presses, with demonstrably shorter make-ready times.

With an optional non-stop feeder and delivery system specially developed for packaging, the ROLAND 900 can print up to 16,000 sph, providing continuous high quality output as well as unbeatable productivity. The optional AUPASYS material logistic systems further increases productivity making the 900 an ideal solution for high volume packaging printers.

Sturdy press construction, premium-quality drive gears and hydro-stabilization all combine to ensure outstanding print quality from one job to the next. Moreover, with a longitudinal shaft on presses with five or more printing units, backlash in the gear teeth is eliminated which maintains prefect register and further ensures exceptional printing quality.

  • Perfect register through combined gear train and longitudinal shaft drive for presses with five or more printing units
  • 7 o’clock cylinder geometry provides a flatter sheet travel path for reliable large-format production
  • QuickChange Surface cuts fountain cleaning time
  • Optional QuickChange Clamp in the coating unit and optional InlineColorPilot with integrated InlineRegister control cuts waste and dramatically reduces make-ready times