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Learn About the Various Types of Packaging

All the particulars will be covered here concerning the various types of packaging in common usage: folding cartons (paperboard boxes), rigid boxes (set-up boxes), corrugated boxes, stand-up pouches (flexible packaging), bottles, POP (point of purchase displays) etc. I’ll provide useful, relevant information that will enable you to make better packaging buying decisions.

What are the Proper Names for Packaging?

Many people are unsure about the correct names for packaging. This makes things difficult for them when they are trying to ask for specific packaging but don’t know what it’s called.

The following guide is not designed to be a comprehensive listing of all packaging types or styles, it is simply here to help people identify and learn the names of some of the basic categories of common packaging.

Included are links to articles, where appropriate, that will offer more detailed and comprehensive information about types and styles of packaging.

1. Paperboard packaging 


2. Rigid packaging

3. Corrugated packaging

4. Flexible packaging

5. Glass bottle or jar

6. Tin