Get Noticed With Custom Holiday Packaging

The holiday season is a make-or-break time for many businesses.  

The months of November and December can be extremely hectic – in a good way – for eCommerce businesses of all sizes.  

Just take a look at these stats:

  • It’s predicted that U.S. shoppers will spend $119.99 billion with online retailers this holiday season (November 1-December 31).
  • Holiday shopping with online retailers has increased 15.5% from last holiday season.
  • The National Retail Federation found that the holiday season can represent as much as 30 percent of 
  • annual sales for some companies.

With all of those items being shipped around the globe, you want your company and its products to stand out and be remembered this time of year.  

But, just how can you do that?

With gorgeous, custom holiday packaging, of course.

This doesn’t mean you have to completely revamp your branding scheme. Rather, you just need to inject your custom boxes with a little seasonal cheer.

Custom holiday packaging is a great way to connect with your existing customers and get some new ones while you’re at it.

Why You Should Bother with Holiday Packaging

If done right, your custom seasonal box designs won’t go unnoticed. Here are four ways that festive packaging can excite your customers and even attract new ones:

#1 Packaging Can Create Buzz



Just look at Starbucks.  

Every year since 1997, Starbucks has introduced a new holiday cup design.

This tradition builds excitement around their coffee products, as each year people anxiously await the unveiling of the new holiday cup.  

This year Starbucks is using four designs, which prominently use red and green colors – that are guaranteed to get you in the spirit. Eggnog latte, anyone?

Even people who may not normally go to Starbucks will get a cup of java purely for the cup.

Talk about effectively leveraging the holidays by using festive packaging design.

#2 Excite Your Customers With a Gift-Like Experience



Who doesn’t like getting a gift?

Holiday packaging can make receiving items more exciting and give your customers a gift-like experience.  

This can translate into happy customers, who will be willing to spread the word about your awesome company.

#3 Get More Social Shares

People love to share unboxing videos on their social media channels.  

A beautiful, festive box will get customers pumped up and create buzz about your products.  

So go on and encourage social media shares of your holiday packaging by including your social media handles and hashtags you’d like people to use.

#4 Customers May Reuse Your Holiday Packaging

It seems like when it comes time to pack up all of the holiday decorations at the end of the season, I’m invariably short a box or two.  

Rather than buying some generic plastic tubs, I usually throw the extra decorations in a holiday box some of my gifts arrived in.

I know I’m not alone. I’m sure many of your customers are doing the same.

In fact, 90% of consumers reuse product packaging boxes and bags after purchase.

This means that year after year, your customers are going to pull their holiday ornaments down from the attic, and your box will be front and center to remind them of your company.

Easy Ways to Inject Some Holiday Cheer



Alright, so now you can appreciate the importance of shedding any grinch-like tendencies when it comes to your holiday packaging.  

But, you may still be worried about what this will do to your bottom line.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to spread some holiday cheer.

Here are some simple ways to have your packaging reflect the spirit of the holidays:

  • Use holiday packaging tape or stickers. You probably already know that packaging tape and stickers are one of the more affordable and low-commitment ways to brand your packaging.  So why not take advantage of the season? Have some packaging tape or stickers printed up with snowflakes, trees, or other wintry elements.
  • Use holiday color. Yes, for many of us, the holidays may scream red and green.  But don’t limit yourself. Silver and gold can add a little sophistication to your holiday packaging. Or blue and silver is another popular option.
  • Wrap your items in printed tissue paper. Tissue paper not only helps pad your items during transit but can also add interest and help promote your brand.  For an added seasonal flare, have your tissue paper printed with some holiday themes–like Santa hats or snowmen.
  • Use ribbons. A simple ribbon costs pennies but can make just about any package feel like a gift.
  • Use cloth bags as inner packaging. Who doesn’t like a cute bag they can reuse to store little tchotchkes in?
  • Don’t forget to effectively use copy in your seasonal packaging. Words are cheap and can set the tone. Go ahead and Include a holiday message, or a festive thank you note to spread some holiday cheer.  Certain fonts even give off that holiday vibe.
    Also, keep in mind that around this time of year, there’s a good chance that the person opening your package received it as a gift. They may not be that familiar with your company and products, so take advantage of this opportunity to turn them into a regular customer. Try including inserts that tell your story, or enclose coupons for the new year, so they’ll order from you again.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

Not everyone celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah, so consider your demographics when you’re coming up with your seasonal packaging strategy.  

You can always make it more of a generic winter celebration if you’re afraid you might offend some of your customers.

Any kind of packaging is an investment, so try and keep your holiday designs timeless.

Don’t put dates like “Happy 2018” on your retail boxes, unless you’re certain you’ll use all of your packaging this year.  

If your budget is tight, you’d ideally like to be able to use your festive packaging next year, as well.

Wrapping It Up

The holiday season is an exciting time for many.  

As a retailer, it’s important to parlay this excitement into sales and forge lasting relationships with your customers.  

Holiday packaging is an easy and fun way to help you connect with these customers, so they’ll order from you again and again.

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