Packaging Costs for Your Product – Rigid Boxes

Packaging cost are a major consideration when it comes to the total cost per unit of your product . Rigid boxes sometimes called “set-up boxes” are often a desired choice for first time packaging buyers. This is because rigid boxes can often leave an impression on the consumers’ mind that the product is of higher quality than a product that uses folding carton packaging. This is not necessarily true, as folding cartons can be customized with many

extras that will make them appear very fancy indeed. Read here for a nice article about the differences between rigid boxes and folding cartons.

People are proud of their products and often believe they should be shown off in the best quality boxes possible. Fair enough, but there are some things to consider first.


1. The Cost

Custom rigid boxes are expensive. They are more expensive than folding cartons to be sure. And the fancier you want to go, the higher the packaging costs. The start up costs will be anywhere from $3000-$5000 and even higher, whether you want 1 box or 100 boxes. Of course, the more you order, the cheaper it gets, to a point, once the volume is there. For example, Apple Inc. pays a relatively low price per unit for their nice iPhone boxes because they order millions of them.

2. The Cost (did I say that twice?)

Shipping these boxes, because they can’t ship flat like folding cartons, can also increase the cost. They are bulkier and require more space, it’s that simple.


A Few Reasons to Justify Ordering Low Quantities of Rigid Box Packaging For Your Product:

1. Your product sells for a lot of money with a huge profit margin. For example, a diamond engagement ring would absolutely require an elegant and luxurious (and expensive) rigid box for its packaging.

2. You are not concerned with making a profit (and are even prepared to lose money) on a small trial launch, with the anticipation of ordering large quantities of rigid box packaging in the future.

3. If you are exhibiting at a trade show and are showing off your product to some important buyers and executives, you may want to use a fancy rigid box to capture their attention.

4. Your competitors all use rigid boxes so you are under pressure to conform even though you must order a low volume.

Rigid boxes can be gorgeous and can offer the allure of luxury and exclusivity, but can be cost prohibitive as a consequence. But as stated above, folding cartons can be fancied up to offer a similar sense of luxury, at a fraction of the cost.

Of course I am discussing custom rigid boxes here. If you absolutely need/want a rigid box and price is a limiting factor for you, then consider using stock size boxes with a custom label that you adhere yourself.