5 Ways Custom Packaging Improves Your Business

The packaging you’re using for your merchandise is far more important than you may realize. You’re facing a highly competitive environment, so you need a plan to stand out. Custom packaging makes it possible for you to dominate the playing field and rise above your competitors.  

Here are 5 Ways Custom Packaging Helps Your Business Attract New Customers and Keep Them Loyal: 

You’ve spent a lot of time developing your business and the products you’re selling. Whether you are a startup business or have been around for a while, custom packaging is an effective way to increase your ROI and build a stronger customer base that you may have overlooked.

1. Makes Your Business More Shareable

The world revolves around social media. It’s become a way of life. We share things that move and thrill us. That’s why creating something that surprises and entertains is going to help spread the word of your business. Imagine a customer loving the package your product comes in as soon as they lay eyes on it. It’s visually appealing and fun to open. The more amazing it is, the more likely your customer will take pictures or a video and post it on Instagram or YouTube. In fact, blog posts, videos, and images already flood the internet about the “unboxing” experience. Furthermore, a 2016 survey from Dotcom Distribution found that 40% of consumers made repeat purchases if the packaging was high-quality. What a great way to get your name out there and gain loyal customers. What should you consider in your packaging?

  • Colors you use convey different messages. For example, black, silver, and gold usually symbolize luxury. Bright colors with black spark energy and sophistication. Green reflects nature and caring about the environment. Colors evoke a varying range of emotions. Triggering pleasing ones in your customers is what your goal should be.
  • Designs, Colors, and Prints. Create vivid print designs, use pastel colors, or maybe add a beautiful flower print for a beauty product on the inside of the box. Whatever you choose, it should further enhance the customer experience and reflect what your merchandise and business are all about. Make sure it’s memorable and appealing to the eye.
  • Apply graphics that customers connect to emotionally. The more meaningful, the better. It causes a reaction that goes beyond the product itself, yet they’ll associate your merchandise with what they’re feeling. Coca Cola does this brilliantly in their commercials. They strike personal, emotional cords with their audience. 

Think of Apple’s packaging for iPhones, or Tiffany & Co’s iconic robin’s egg blue box for inspiration. People view the packaging of the product as part of the appeal. It makes the item feel high-end and desirable. The importance of outside packaging can’t be ignored. Warning labels and images used to discourage smokers caused the biggest smoking decline seen in Australia. Why not harness the power of custom packaging in a positive way? Have fun with it. It’s an opportunity to get creative. Think about what you would enjoy seeing when opening your package.

2. Boosts Brand Recognition

The packaging you use provides an additional way of getting your brand name, slogan, taglines, and logo out there for the world to see. From the delivery person to next door neighbors and friends, a beautifully designed package with your branding identification on it is going to get noticed. People who haven’t ordered your product end up reading the well-thought-out print on the box providing enticing information along with your website and email. They’re curious and may look you up online or ask the person who receives the package about your company. So how can you make your package stand out?

  • Choose a box with a unique shape and size.
  • Find colors to use that complement your logo.
  • Have stickers and custom stamps made to adorn the outside, or use engraved metal tags. 
  • Pick eye-catching fonts that are easy to read for taglines or slogans you want to be known for. You’re already paying for shipping, so it makes sense to get more for your money advertising at no extra cost.

3. Gives the Impression of High Quality

Your packaging is often the first encounter your business has with customers. First impressions happen quickly and matter greatly. Not judging a book by its cover doesn’t apply when marketing your company and products. Unfortunately, consumers will judge your cover, and you want it to be in a good way. An aesthetically captivating package gives customers the notion that what’s inside is desirable, as well. If the container it comes in is sleek and engaging, their perception of the product becomes favorable. The outside is attractive and classy, so they’ll see your product as high-quality, too. No matter how good your product actually is, if it comes in a shabby looking exterior, it affects how they feel about what’s inside. You have the potential to disappoint or delight. The latter encourages customers to purchase again and again.

4. Makes Your Merchandise More Safe and Secure

When you use custom packaging, you have the chance to choose the right-sized box that fits your product perfectly. Not only can you save money by using smaller sizes, but also by not needing to buy extensive amounts of bubble wrap or fillers to protect your item. Another deal-breaker for purchasers is products arriving damaged when they open the box. You’ll suffer costs for returns, but worse, you’ll lose customers. At least 30% of items ordered online are returned, and if the return policy isn’t easy and free for the customer, they’re likely not to shop with you again. Customization is all about creating a brilliant package that also adds top-notch safety for your products in the most cost-effective way.

5. Utilizes Inside-Package Marketing


Imagine opening the lid of your box and there, eloquently printed on the inside cover, is a catchy tagline representing your brand and the quality of your merchandise. Maybe a nicely placed thank you note adorns the interior, as well. Depending on the type of boxes you choose, you’ll have the ideal places to put business cards, newsletters, “about us” information, coupons, and promo codes. It’s all part of the customer’s experience as they remove the layers of enticement. It’s also another golden opportunity for you to shine and advertise. You want them to remember you, so they’re likely to order from you again. 

Tasteful design, and branding on your packaging from every detail of color, size, and font, to the messages and visual appeal of the interior, is something that reflects your business, your product, and your values. Think of what you want to impart to the customer. Consider the demographic you’re targeting. What would make them smile with delight and share it on social media, with friends and family, promoting your brand in ways you didn’t even expect? Don’t forget the other observers along the way who will notice your brand, too.

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