Why Kraft Is So Meaningful


The kraft boxes that you bought for the product packaging leave many questions in your mind. Do these pocket-friendly boxes leave an impact on the customers?  But most of you are unaware of the hidden characteristic of kraft paper. All the leading brands prefer this material over others. So let us find out what so useful about these boxes?

Dust Resistant

There are several benefits of using kraft boxes for your business. What retailers do they stock up the article in the warehouse or store-room for several months before moving out or sold off?  Remember, the earth might be the threat to items when left untouched in the room. It is because the dust particle in the air starts accumulation on it. Here it would help if you revise the purpose of packaging. It is to keep the article safe from the external factor. The brown custom kraft box is the perfect solution to deal with such a situation.
If you choose color other the brown for the products acting, you have to dust off the carton, and unfortunately, the dust might leave stains behind. Between custom kraft boxes and the other package boxes, there is a considerable difference. The kraft box has dust-resistant property. These boxes are usually in brown and dust, and other stains are not visible on it.

Distinguishing Brand Image

Every brand wants to stand out in the market with innovative custom package and products. Do you know kraft’s marital offer unlimited personalization for the articles? The custom printed boxes of kraft enable you to play with your ideas. You can keep the outer surface of the package brown or white and print the inner surface with different hues.
Printing on kraft packaging is easy because of modern printing technologies. Many design boxes wholesale companies use recent technologies to enchase the kraft packaging value with top-notch printing technologies like the offset and digital printing you manufacturer the best kraft pack for sale with the top rating and quality.

Custom Kraft Box Design

Here are other benefits of using kraft boxes; these are flexible to mold and manufacture into various sizes and shapes. These package boxes are used in multiple fields of houses and businesses for easy packing, and you can design it in any way like square, rectangle, oval, and more.  It does not end here. For the perfect packaging, you need to customize the size of the box. So these custom printed boxes can be a manufacturer in any shape and size. So the design requirement for counter display, apparel boxes, soapboxes, perfume package, and so are different form each other.
The Kraft box wholesale companies can also manufacture these boxes in various designs like window box packaging. So, the multiple colors of design and cuts are essential to grasp the attention of potential customers.

100% Recycled Material

Do you know the color full and fancy boxes are made up of used kraft boxes? While virgin kraft box is consists of the unbleached pulp of pine tree. Because of global warming, the manufacturers are looking for more eco-friendly solutions when it comes to packaging. Most of the custom kraft box is the result of recycled kraft material. Now, the packing campaigns are contributing to Go Green By offering eco-friendly solutions to the users.


Now you know these boxes consist of recycled kraft material. 90% of the packaging material ends up filling the land field and leads to pollution. Ye material like plastic and aluminum takes ages to decompose and release toxins in the air. But these kraft boxes are 100% biodegradable. It decomposes in a month or two and does not leave and do not emit any harmful gases in the air.

Best for Food Packaging

A few years back, the plastic and Styrofoam material were used for food and beverage boxes. These boxes came in attractive and appealing packing. But when plastic and Styrofoam come in contact with hot food, it realized toxins. These toxins are carcinogenic. Recent studies, it has proved that kraft boxes are safe to use for food and beverages. They do not release any harmful chemicals in the food. And the printing on Kraft packaging makes manufacturers design the most attractive and functional packaging for the restaurant to-go boxes.

Highly- Cost-Effective 

In any business, finance and product packaging play an essential role. When it comes to the packaging, you cannot compromise on it. But in limited finance, it is not easy for you to design the attractive boxes for the brand. There is an interesting fact about these custom printed boxes.  From raw material to the manufacturing cost of kraft boxes are high -pocket friendly. Printing on kraft packaging is the most affordable marketing tool. These boxes offer the best quality finish and protection to the articles.