Infographic: 200# vs. 32 ECT Corrugated Boxes

This article is from website, and show some detail information on the corrugated board!

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A box is a box is a box. Or is it? When it comes to protecting your product and avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, there are many types of corrugated boxes to choose from. Each type also has many possible liner combinations, board grades, styles, etc. Two of the most common types of boxes are 32 ECT and 200#.

So how do you decide which type of box is the best suited to your product?

To help you answer this question, we created this infographic that explains the differences between these two common box types. It also explains how each type of box is tested and what strengths and weaknesses those tests indicate. Lastly, we look at a couple case studies to better understand the potential impact to your product and your shipping costs of choosing one type of box over the other. Read on to learn more.